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We help brands to promote on Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok through AR lenses and masks. Full scope production and consulting.
Cruella Snapchat Lens
Loki Snapchat Lens
Lensman - colorful emotions
Football Lens
Working in the AR market for a long time
Always at the forefront of AR features in Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok
We create memorable user experiences by taking the best of advertising trends and top-tier AR technologies

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Find out how AR filters can help you promote your business:
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From the squeeze of trends, fresh technologies and our experience, we make interactive AR content and consult about the resonable lenses/masks to produce.


One of our lenses has brought the client added value of more than $ 2 000 000.
Created over 400 AR lenses for the big and middle-sized brands. And counting.
15 specialists working in the team.
Total experience in VR/AR/MR over 7 years.
Our AR lenses/masks have been seen over 800 million times.
While working with the international advertising agencies, we were lucky to make AR lenses/masks for big caliber brands:

Why brands choose social AR

AR effects, which are viral quite often, help businesses reach out to a broader number of new customers through social media organic coverage and the natural rise of brand recognition.

While users nowadays have a strong habit of not noticing ads, advertising through AR lenses/masks is out of a row by giving users a vivid and memorable immersion into the AR lens/mask world. Innovations can be demonstrated, products/services can be sold, or brands can just remind about themselves in such a way so that users will willingly start advertising and share stories about the brand’s products/services.
Additionally, there is so-called emodities advertising when AR lenses/masks trigger consumer emotions just before the actual shopping happens. The result is not only in bigger audience coverage but in growing sales returns as well.

TOP 4 niches we create
AR lenses/masks for

While working with clients’ marketing departments we develop algorithms of integrating our AR lenses/masks effectively into the communication strategy of the brand.
Keeping in mind all the brand’s marketing objectives, we develop AR lenses/masks from brainstorming and to the final release. After lens/mask publishing we offer our support. Doing this many times with a big variety of clients, we have accumulated unique expertise in several industries.

Cartoon and Horse head lens
Funniest & Most popular AR lenses 2021.
Lens with Neon Pumpkin and Werewolf
Top Halloween lenses 2021.
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