Working on AR projects from the idea-creation to the after-publishing support

We are passionate about our clients’ projects. Consulting and creating intelligent target AR products means more than just a job to us. We become one with our client’s vision to make desirable and high-quality AR products.

If you are a brand, we are those who make your customers plunge into endless emotions and unleash their creativeness right away. It fuels your sales growth significantly and makes your brand presence even more visible. It`s all thanks to the edge-of-tomorrow AR lenses/masks technologies.

At first, some work related to customs and then a quick transition to doing such a favorite thing as the 3D graphics and animation. In 2008, as a co-founder, I took part in forming IT company which is still active today. Now leading our Lensman team based on all my experiences I have gained so far both as a businessman and as an artist.
Founder, CEO

Andrey Sazonov

Andrey Kolesnikov

Co-founder, Supervisor
Daily, I use my expertise in AR projects production and keep our team strong and creative for implementing the latest innovations. All the hard situations I was in trained me to be an optimistic problem solver. I enjoy seeing enthusiastic reactions to our AR lenses/masks posts on social media.
For over five years, I have been working in IT sales. Cooperation with the leading companies in many niches has brought me vast experience and understanding of how our products can help our clients succeed. I am loyalty-oriented in consultancy services to the clients, so they get back to us again and again.
SMM Manager

Katerina Voronina

Evgeniy Palamarchuk

Lead developer
I am lucky since my work at Lensman is also my hobby and passion at the same time. I enjoy taking responsibility for every project where I participate. And I can confidently say that I can take any task and make it done
I started my creative career at the age of 19 by a mere chance when I entered the wrong room where my friend was studying 3D graphics. Just a few minutes later, creativity turned into a part of my life. 3D art is a work where I reveal myself as a person, and, therefore, I can confidently call myself a happy person.

Lead artist

Andrew Vivchar

Working with lenses and experience in AR is what really inspires me to self-study and move only forward to achieve new goals.
Helping other people learn and being responsible for the products we create make me better in real life too. It helps to think creatively and in every possible way transforms the daily routine that often surrounds us.
Lead PM

Pavel Rudakov

Marketer with more than five years of experience in IT & digital companies. I have a proven track record of assisting companies in creating first-class digital solutions, strategies that increase their bottom line and brand recognition. Google certified SEO & PPC specialist. Certified brand manager (London Business School)

Diana Kostyk

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