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Halloween, the night when witches, vampires and the existential hopelessness of inevitable November awaken. Halloween parties are called upon to brighten up the premonition of the last gray month of autumn, or even, may I say, costume balls. Even if they take place in virtual reality. But what is a masquerade without masks? We've handpicked the most popular snapchat filters - extravagant, creepy, hilarious and just plain fun – everyone will find a mask to their liking.

oct 31 · 3 min read
1. Become a Monster!
"Hi, I’m Vlad. Not a vampire!" As the reader probably guessed, our parade begins with the terrible and frightening heroes of any horror story — vampires. They have long become the mainstream in culture and media, but interest in them does not fade away.

Next to lovers of all blood types can be found frenemies of Dracula and his spawns — Werewolves. And of course, they are often accompanied by raised skeletons. Any snapchat user can feel like a part of a spooky virtual party by trying on a grim mask. But the hilarious cartoony Dracula is definitely our favorite.
DraculaWerewolfColor Skull by SnapchatHalloween Vampire by Snapchat
2. Dance Till You Dead
Want to send to your friends a full-body dancing postcard with you? Not a problem with the back camera filters. Tracking of arms and legs still leaves much to be desired, but it looks better with every year. Funny and very popular AR filters dancing skeleton, purple monster and neon pumpkin head are the Snapchat users' favourites.
Dancing SkeletonPurple Monster Costume by SnapchatPurple Pumpkin Costume by Snapchat
3. We can be Heroes
Heroes from movies, cartoons and various video games often become the stars of Halloween parties. This year’s movie characters like Cruella and Loki are very popular. And here they are, created by the Lensman studio, fresh, wonderful masks representing these and other beloved characters.

By the way, lenses made for an occasion, like a movie release or a sports event, significantly help warm up the interest of viewers, increase brand recognition and loyalty.
CruellaCyberpunk LensesHarley QuinnLoki
4. Hats and Wizards
"Gryffindor!" A hero of a generation, not just one year, Harry Potter and the masks in his honor or based on the story fit perfectly into the theme of the holiday. There are ghosts, witches, hats, and pumpkins, separately and together.

For many years, young people have been happy to become a part of this magical world and such lenses will always be popular among Snapchat audiences of all ages. We see as especially attention worthy wonderful glasses that you can try with your pet.
Halloween Wizard by SnapchatPumpkinHalloween Bundle by SnapchatHarry Potter by bangers & mash
5. Bewitching Beauty
And now to the gentle . It is not necessary to sew a costume or apply makeup to every inch of ​​the . This can be done in augmented . Touching and unique crowns of flowers and butterflies or light fruity makeup by Lensman you to enjoy and share the feeling of Halloween without cardinal transformations and unnecessary .
Wreath by LensmanHalloween Roses Crown by SnapchatButterflies by LensmanFruit makeup by Lensman
So, we have listed out some of the best Halloween Snapchat lenses and masks. Select the one you like, or Halloween theme you want to go with.
Happy Halloween, everyone!
Eugenia Dimitrova
Writer and spooky masks aficionado
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