Funniest and most popular lenses 2021

Fun filters and lenses are available on many mobile apps, but Snapchat remains one of the best places to find them. The application has grown significantly in recent years and gained in popularity. In this vast sea of ​​masks every user can find something to their liking. Our team has selected the funniest and most popular samples of the last year.
oct 11 · 4 min read
1. Mustaches
The love for virtual mustaches lasts for many years. Indeed, trying on the image of Poirot, Salvador Dali or the Hulk Hogan is an opportunity available and necessary for a person in 2021.

A distinctive feature of the mask, created this year by the Snapchat team, is the fact that now your pet can also feel like Nietzsche or Einstein.

2. Cartoon and Anime
Whatever one may say, lenses give us the opportunity to become part of a slightly different, augmented reality. Often these changes are very dramatic and carry the adult user into a fantasy world. There are no wrinkles and apartment bills, and any problem can be solved with the help of a song and the magic power of friendship.

As for children, they just like to see themselves as cartoon characters. In our observation the most impressive this year were Cartoon 3d Style and Anime Style lenses by Snapchat.
Cartoon 3d StyleAnime Lense
3. Good ol' classics
Virtual glasses have been accompanying social network users for a long time. And, apparently, they settled in our smartphone screens forever. Fire Sunglasses and Rock Hipster lenses are a new and not the last word in the representation of your coolness. Enjoy and rock!
Fire Sunglasses by SnapchatRock Hipster lens
4. Sweet and cozy
Due to their overwhelming sweetness, these AR lenses may not be recommended by your dentist. A birthday mask with a cake, a festive cap and candles is relevant only once a year, but this did not affect its popularity.

But the sweetest teddy bear can hug you every day. You have become the temporary owner of rosy cheeks and shiny eyes. What else could you desire?
Happy BirthdayBear in Love by Snapchat
5. Young and Old
Now any user of a mobile device can be old and young simultaneously. Realistic filters, that age you, have been around for a while, but what about realistic huge baby eyes? Old and Baby lenses allow everyone to express their inner weirdo.
Old by Snapchat Baby by Snapchat
6. Your Inner Beast
Which one of us doesn’t have a little bit of craziness? The creators of "animal" filters know this for sure, because the interest in such masks does not fall down. Bears, lions, tigers, kitties and doggos inhabit the social networks. They talk, sing and dance.

In 2021, a hilarious horse head and a dancing turkey appeared in this niche. Now even more users can find their "animal side". Or quench their long-lasting desire to dance in a funny costume.
Dancing Turkey by SnapchatHorse Head by Snapchat
Snapchat is the most popular social network among teens and young adults. Every year, new Snapchat filters appear that help us express ourselves creatively. Lensman studio helps people create their own original lenses very quickly.

We have the best designers who can surprise you with original Snapchat lenses.
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Writer and Snapchat enjoyer
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