Chefclub AR lens for Snapchat

Chefclub is a cooking channel that shows video recipes of many delicious meals to the audience on television and the internet.

Year: 2021

Industry: food, entertainment

Tech: AR filters for Snapchat messenger

Chefclub Network, founded in France, is working in more than 7 countries globally.

Client`s wants & needs

AR usage

The client’s goal was to master a new marketing tool (Social AR) and implement it in the brand’s marketing strategy

Brand identity elements

Our client wanted to create a brand recognition dynamic lens for Snapchat, which will describe a whole scope of meals that the audience can cook while watching the video recipes.

Affect the audience

For Chefclub was important to attract the target audience from Snapchat to its website and stimulate the organic distribution of the lens among this audience.

Our solution

Step 1:
Diving into specifics & shaping the final look
Our supervisor had a talk with the client, collected all the prepared art assets and the mechanics of the final lens has been formulated.
Step 2:
This step included coding, testing and publishing. At this stage we created a full-fledged Snapchat lens.
Step 3:
Polishing & Support
Fine tuning, bug fixing and the complete lens has been given to the client for publishing.

Project results

Thank you so much Andrey. It was a real pleasure to work with you! I’m glad my first hiring and managing experience on AR project was here.

Chefclub's Concept designer

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Hamsa Footwear
AR lens for Snapchat

HAMSA is a brand that is dedicated to the design, craftsmanship and sale of stylish footwear

Year: 2020

Industry: fashion, e-commerce

Tech: AR filters for Snapchat messenger

Hamsa Footwear - a customized shoe brand from Argentina that is dedicated to the design, craftsmanship and sale of women's and men's footwear.

Client`s wants & needs

Simple AR solution

The main task was to provide users with the opportunity to "fit" shoes on their own feet and view them from different angles.

New marketing tool

Hamsa's team was looking for a new marketing tool and creating content for their wearable collection.

Increase engagement

New Snapchat lens would allow users to pick their favorite style of shoes from the comfort of their homes.

Our solution

Step 1:
Consulting & the main idea discussion
As usual, our creative supervisor dived into specifics, collected all the info from the client and the future final look of the set of lenses has been shaped.
Step 2:
This step included coding, testing and publishing. At this stage, we’ve created 4 full-fledged Snapchat lenses.
Step 3:
Fine-tuning & polishing
Corrections, bug fixing and the complete set of AR lenses has been given to the client for publishing.

Project results

Thanks for the project done!
We will be looking to create more filters and getting our community to create content from it themselves so we would be working together more in future

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AR lenses for Snapchat and Instagram in the Ukrainian style

The Lensman team creates new patriotic AR lenses for Snapchat & Instagram. Try it!

Year: 2022

Industry: Promo

Tech: AR filters for Snapchat and Instagram

With the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the whole world finally learned about our incredibly beautiful country.

We decided to acquaint the whole world with Ukrainian culture through lenses and masks for social networks. Our team has developed five AR lenses for Instagram and Snapchat and presents them to you!

1. I am Ukrainian

There is a tradition in Ukraine: on Independence Day to decorate everything with small flags: buildings, cars and public transport.

Ukrainians walk around the cities with yellow and blue flags in their hands and celebrate the independence of their country. We hope that this year we will celebrate the Independence Day of Ukraine on an even larger scale than last year. In the meantime, you can try on an image with Ukrainian flags on social networks!

Try it on Snapchat

Try it on Instagram

2. Tears of Ukraine

The colors of the Ukrainian flag are the trend of 2022. All media personalities, stars and celebrities support Ukrainians in the international arena in one way or another, choosing their images in blue and yellow. We decided not to stay away and developed a patriotic mask for social networks. Do you want to try on makeup in the colors of the Ukrainian flag?

Try the lens "Tears of Ukraine" on Snapchat.

3. Glory to Ukraine

Help the Ukrainian fighter pilot to dodge enemy missiles. The lens for Snapchat based on the famous game is adapted to Ukrainian realities. A little fun and good mood for our users.

Try it on Snapchat

4. Fillword

Find among the many letters of the word associated with Ukraine. Great mini game that develops observation, logic and analytical skills. Try it yourself, because you do not need to download anything.

Try it on Snapchat

5. Freedom of Ukraine

Try on a make-up AR lens «Freedom of Ukraine» with traditional Ukrainian flowers - sunflower and poppy. The sunflower symbolizes work and prosperity, strength and well-being in our culture. The poppy is a symbol of memory of the victims of the First World War, and later a victims of all civil and military conflicts from which Ukraine has suffered for hundreds of years.

Try it on Instagram

Try it on Snapchat

Project results