We have built and tuned our workflow to the highest productivity and communication standards:


Generating all the possible and the craziest hypothetical mechanics of the future AR lens/mask.
Filtering out all the ideas and aligning them with our client’s target audience interests as well as with the budget and time for the project.
As a result, both our client and we fully understand the idea of the AR lens/mask.


We create a comics-like storyboard of how the desired AR lens/mask will look. Everything is illustrated and explained for achieving the full sync with our client before the actual production begins.


Creating the visual content and coding all of the mechanics for the AR lens/mask. Achieving the final look with the help of milestones and daily synchronizing with the client about the progress.


We deliver the finished AR lens/mask to the client to publish it following the ad campaign plan.

Support and bugs fixing

Checking if the AR lens/mask runs with no issues and fixing any possible bugs right away.
Below is our detailed guide of what is possible to create for different industries so you can discover the full potential of AR lenses/masks.


Do you need to advertise an event? Promote a release of a new product? In an information noise around us, you should stand out. The brighter, the more provocative, the more intriguing, the better. An AR promo lens/mask can do it! But for what kind of events? Any. Release of a new movie, big show, sport event. Even your dog`s birthday party! We make those too.

An interactive world of the future heats any expectations. Through AR lenses/masks a user tries what is coming personally: attend a premiere before it happens in real life or get the product before it comes to market. Exactly what is needed for good sales!
Examples of lens mechanics


Face camera. We put on the outfit of the main character in a new, upcoming video game. Enjoy the coolness, grimace, save stories and share with friends!

Back cаmеrа. When pointing the back camera to the table, a 3D map with highlighted zones of different creatures that live there appears. When users tap on one of the zones, a creature runs to the map. The character reacts by growling, shouting, attacking when users tap again. Bright and unforgettable moments from the new game coming!
Face cаmеrа. We try on a scar and a beard to look like the protagonists from a detective story from an upcoming new TV series that premieres this weekend.

Back cаmеrа. In a room, the user finds a goner under a cloth. There are five pieces of evidence to find and tap on them. A user gets a picture and a description after tapping. Knowing what the prequel holds is amazingly interesting!


We point the smartphone to a poster of an upcoming event, and the AR lens shows us colorful animated 3D content on additional lotteries, sweepstakes, discounts, and more. With some music and flying confetti all in one set.
We point the smartphone to the purchased concert tickets, and through the back camera, we see our favorite singer as a live 3D model acting in front of us. The singer actively interacts with us, speaks, dances, and invites our friends to a photo shoot with them. Finally, the singer shows how to make their favorite cocktail!


Want your client to make their new look with no frustration? Aspire to be remembered by your futuristic and non-standard service? Thinking how to be friends with the gadget-minded youth?

It’s easy – let your client run your AR lens/mask and try on your product! The result is close to reality. Your customer chooses, tries on, puts on the lens, or does whatever you like them to do. Stress-free, with in-game like involvement your client makes the choice and just buys a thing. Consider AR lens/mask your never-get-tired shop consultant!

Examples of lens mechanics

Mimics and body tracking

3D glasses and hats of your brand on the user’s head. Tap to play with combinations.
The user wears 3D glasses and a cap with a lightning symbol on it. The flash strikes into the user’s head with the bright flare and thunder when the user opens their mouth. The stylized flash remains to stick to the user’s head.
The user sees the mascara and lipstick on the smartphone’s screen. The mascara flies up and neatly tints the user’s eyelashes when they raise the eyebrows. The lipstick applies with just one stroke when the user opens their mouth. Final color correction is overlayed and the new look is ready!
We put on makeup with your branded cosmetics while applying all the hues and features.


We dance and a pair of jeans next to us repeats our movements.
We try on 3d sneakers by using the smartphone’s back camera. Models and colors can be changed with a screen tap.
Through the back camera, the user tries on a bag or a purse, an arm watch, and even clothes! All with interactivity and with a choice of models and colors.


We point a smartphone on your brand mascot for it to come alive and interact with us. The mascot smiles, flies, reacts with gestures and voice
When pointing a smartphone to an image in a catalog we see an interactive highly detailed 3D model of your products (accessories, gadgets, decorative items, etc.) with any additional description, prices, and shopping places.


Taste of food? Or taste to life? They can be combined in one rich mix and offered to the client with new emotions beyond their full stomach and usual satisfaction. But how?

Let your customer be a part of something bigger, more meaningful, and stylish. Amplify the client’s sense of life completeness while they consume your product.

Make your clients identify themselves with your unique lifestyle and community and plunge them into your brand’s atmosphere.

The underlying identity creates the feelings your client has been seeking for so long.
Examples of lens mechanics

Mimics and body tracking

The user’s head is in the shape of their favorite hamburger or hotdog. The user raises their eyebrows and the mimics tracking triggers the sauce to pour over their head.
Mini-hamburgers fly around the user’s head.
Сup of very hot coffee is on the user’s head. The drink comes over their face when the user raises their eyebrows!
Mini-game ‘Fry pancakes’. Wink for a pancake to fly up on time, turn upside down, and fall on a frying pan. Open your mouth to eat a homemade pancake. Fry a tall stack of pancakes until you burn one. Now check the score with your friends’ results to see who ate more.


Мini-game ‘Runner’. A 3D hamburger runs avoiding some obstacles to catch its filling. А small adventure that makes us hungry.
The hamburger moves along the path that we draw with fingers on the screen, and, in the very end, falls apart. Then the hamburger pulls itself together and starts the run from the very beginning.
Dynamic visualization of a fast food tray emerges on the table. Some visible steam goes up from an appetizing 3D hamburger. Everything is set for you to make an order!


We point the smartphone’s back camera on branded elements on the menu, packages, bags, or other branded products for the highly detailed 3D dishes to show up on the screen.
When pointing the back camera on pictures of the food, we get data about calories, ingredients and their mix, recommendations on what to add, etc.

E-commerce & Portal

Portal is a parallel universe in our smartphones. Physically, the user remains in their world, and through the AR lens, the user moves and lives in some other dimensions. Have you ever dreamed of bringing something from your fantasies into reality? Your customers are doing just the same. Give them a chance to fulfill their dreams.

Everything is possible - a stylish showroom, a mystical cave of a wizard, a crowded restaurant kitchen, or a sly children's room. You can visit a branded clothing store or a kite party, too. When playing with the world of AR lenses/masks, everyone chooses what they want - a thing, a service, some piece of news, or vivid impressions. Do not hesitate and create your portal with us!
Examples of lens mechanics


Through the portal AR lens, we can visit a branded clothing store and look for what we need. After tapping on the highlighted product, it is shown on a full screen and rotates for a better presentation.
Or, through the AR lens, we can be in the world of a toy store. Right there, just in front of us, we see three doors. Each one opens when we tap on it. Then, we can find ourselves in a completely different world of exciting adventures. From behind the door, you can see some pets spring out here and there, fire-breathing dragons flying out from their caves, trolls and dwarfs competing in a race. Admit it, not only your children would like to play!
The user is at your branded store. They choose a product and tap on it. A popup appears, so users can scroll through the products and add them to the favorites on your website to buy later. Also, users can change the color and overall mood of the showroom.
When using an AR lens, the user sees a door in front of them. When they tap on it, they quickly enter the room. The interior design there is eco-style. When the user taps on the air conditioner control panel, they see a green light blinking on the conditioner panel. The green vines grow on the wall, braiding the whole room all over, and flowers bloom on them.

Popular questions on AR lenses/masks

Why are AR lenses/masks so important for brand positioning?
Ingenuity and emotion are must-haves to support the audience attracted by your brand. You might know how difficult this can be. Breakthrough AR technologies make life, in fact, much easier. It is an endless space for creativity and transformation of the audience’s common experience into immersive adventures. Just recall what you focused on as a child. This is what we create - a new space for bright and colorful emotions.
Do you have doubts about what AR lens/mask to create?
No problem, we will generate a solution for you. We not only work by assignments but also generate ideas for your AR lens/mask and create them afterward.
Lensman is open to any ideas, starting with working through some abstract wishes and down to the detailed description of a desired AR lens/mask to be produced. To achieve maximum results, we integrate our skill-based vision with the realities of your brand ad campaign.
There are so many AR lens/mask creators around. What makes our team stand out?
First, we have extensive experience in creating AR lenses/masks. Since 2017, we have been busy releasing projects, learning, and implementing the newest AR features.

Second, our experience allows us to consult you on what is reasonable to choose and develop in your particular situation, for your brand, and in connection with your marketing strategy.

Thirdly, we create AR lenses/masks for both Snapchat and Instagram platforms.

Finally, you can rely on us. We are interested in seeing the result of our work and accompany you after.
Do you make AR lenses/masks only? What else?
We always have something to offer. Our scope of abilities lies beyond AR lenses/masks making.
Developing standalone AR and VR applications in Unity and their web versions is our field of activity too. Finally, yet importantly, our 3D artists are pros and can create anything - starting from simple 3D cubes and up to animated AAA characters.
Didn't find any solution for your project yet? Leave a note, and Lensman will be back to you with some fresh ideas!
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