Best Snapchat Lenses you can use with your pet

Lenses are really cool, right? I mean, I love Snapchat. It’s the funniest social app ever. Some friends of mine told me that they can even use some special Snapchat lenses with their pets and asked me to write a guide about it. I asked my cat and he said:
"Hi, I am Luke and I like to play with gadgets" (of course, Luke doesn’t speak but I know what Luke wants). And that was my second reason why I decided to write an article about Snapchat lenses for pets… I know you think I’m crazy (but, Luke is trying to communicate), but stay with me.
nov 30 · 3 min read
My cat and I checked each lens thoroughly to make sure that they’re funny, but also work well. Check them out below and enjoy!

Nerdy Glasses

If you and your pet both like to look and feel nerdy and like to take selfies, check out this lens! It will make you and your pet look like you’re wearing thick-rimmed glasses.
Luke, the true and proper intellectual

Pizza Dog

With this lens you will get a pair of fluffy pizza ears and your pet will get a pizza halo! I hope you can have fun with it! Maybe it could be useful to make your Snapchat followers laugh, or maybe you are looking for an interesting way to tell your friends that you are hungry :)
Pizza time!


This one is really cool because you’ll get a witch hat, and your pet gets to be a witch too! Plus those cool floating lights. What I like about this filter is that it doesn’t come off as spooky, but more fun and kind of magical!

Butterflies for Pets

If you think butterflies are pretty then this Snapchat filter will be right up your alley. As soon as you scan the snapcode, cute blue butterflies will appear on the nose of your pet and they’ll be flapping their wings. Do not hesitate, join your furry friend, make a snap!
Pesky butterflies!

Angry Anime Cat

Nani?! Wait a minute. Is that your cat? Well, I can assure you that it is. It’s the same angry face they make when you wake them up from a nap during the day. So, I recommend you all to see how funny your pets look when they make an angry face with this lens.
Omae wa mou shindeiru.
Do you know, that with Lensman you can create any lens you want?
Just let us know!

Shrinky Pets

The Shrinky lens gives everyone’s face a funny look. It shrinks their nose and mouth while it makes their eyes bigger. So, my cat Luke became the victim of this filter. He has naturally big eyes and a very small nose. When you combine the two in Shrinky lens — this hilarious looking alien cat is born!
The Treats Is Out There


As I mentioned in an article about the funniest Snapchat filters this one is a blast! Do you have a dog? Or a cat maybe, maybe a friend with a pet parrot? Surprise your friends with this fun Snapchat lens that gives you and your pet mustache!
Now your pet can also feel like Nietzsche or Einstein

Heart Ears

With this lens you’re in for a treat! A pair of fluffy pink ears will appear on your head when you snap a selfie. That’s not all, you’ll get a little black nose as well. And your pet will get the same look. Oh, and there will be a bunch of red hearts floating around you too!
Just the cutest!

Royal Pets

Do you ever get the feeling that your pet acts like royalty? I mean, they do look at you as though to say, "Feed me! Quick!" And how can you say "No"? With this lens you can bring the real appearance to your cat or dog — golden animated crown accompanied with condescending look of cartoon eyes. "Yes, hooman, bring moar food and maybe I can let you bask in the majestic light of my glory!"
You are sure to smile while using these Snapchat filters. Who doesn’t love animals after all? They make us smile and inspire us to live simply, yet fully. If you want your pet to be the star of your Snapchat stories, Lensman studio can create the best Snapchat filters for you!
Eugenia Dimitrova
Writer and cat lover
Make your pet famous and get a unique lens for them!
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