Best Christmas Lenses

Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit with the Christmas Snapchat Lenses! We've handcrafted this special list to serve you the best festive filters adding a touch of magic, joy, and festivity to your Christmas snaps.
dec 17 · 3 min read

Festive Vibes!

Christmas is an important holiday for almost all countries. It is a time to spend with family, give gifts to each other and smile. When you take a selfie or make a video, use Snapchat lenses to add more Christmas magic to the photos and videos.

But, If it's not snowing where you live, these filters will add some Christmas cheer to your Snapchat story with their festive filters.

Night MagicSnowy Day & NightSnowfallWinter Hearts
But why not make your photos even more fun? There are plenty of Snapchat lenses that will add a Christmas atmosphere to your photos!

Falling GiftsChristmas LightsHot Chocolate PartyXmas with pets
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Dancing Lil' Friends

The best Christmas Snapchat lenses are usually the ones with the animation and filters that add some cheer to your story and make it more fun to watch. Like these lenses with animated characters, that will cheer you up dancing under the Christmas tree:

Dancing DeerChristmas TreeRound SantaMagic DeerChristmas Polar Bear

Don't Forget the Hat!

Once upon a time, there was no such thing as a Snapchat filter. Those were the sad times. But now you can easily get in the Christmas spirit with some jolly hats:

Christmas HatFestive BowElfWinter BeretMetzigorro

Have Yourself a Very Beardy Christmas

Some of Snapchat lenses are funny and others will make you look like the real Santa Claus. And you don't have to wait for Christmas to come to try them on! Even if it is summer time, you can try them out and enjoy the cool feeling of looking at yourself in a new avatar.

Christmas BeardBeard with CandycanesWinter BeardSanta Cloudy Beard

Magic Transformations

These Christmas lenses will transform you into a snowman, a cartoon deer and, unexpectedly, a festive Tyrannosaurus.

Even more exciting, the Family Portrait lens will transform you into a family of four with the help of Snapchat machine learning. This is the uncanny spirit of Christmas Past, Present and Future
SnowmanCartoon DeerFestive T-RexFamily Portrait (ML)
These Christmas Snapchat lenses were made to give users a little jolt of joy, and we hope that you enjoy using them for your holiday snaps!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Eugenia Dimitrova
Writer of articles and letters to Santa
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